Posted by: SpokesBUZZ | October 29, 2010

Time to Pick a Costume and get your GROOVE on.

Every year I find myself faced with the women’s Halloween costume dilemma.  I always want to steer away from the standard slut costumes but if you go intelligent costume, no one knows who or what you are and you end up having to explain all night long.  I suppose more planning and thoughtfulness might help but really how much time can you expend on brainstorming Halloween costumes.  I decided to google women’s halloween costumes and here is what I came up with.

Ok, seriously?  The unfortunate reality is when the average person tries to wear these costumes we end up looking more like this Wonder Woman.  Plus its cold and uncomfortable.

There are multiple shows to go to this weekend and I will probably be donning a Mardi Gras feather mask with a handle because I am lazy and generally bad at costumes, plus, I like my beer and nachos which causes  me to bloat.  That cancels the dominatrix costume that I actually priced out.

Here are the SpokesBUZZ show picks for Halloween weekend.

WIRE FACES at Ramskellar 10-29

The 18 and over show tonight at Ramskellar has SpokesBUZZ band Wire Faces playing with M. Pyres and the Varmints.  This show is brought to you bu FoCoMA and KCSU.  Show starts at 9pm and cover is only $2.

Head for the Hills at the Aggie, Sat 10-30






The Head for the Hills show will be a lively Fort Collins Bluegrass show and with Peter Rowan the $20 ticket is a bargain.  I expect to see a lot of dancing so choose your costume carefully because you dont want to bust a strap on the dance floor.


Lots to do this wekend and so much great music to be heard because Halloween is really about getting your GROOVE on no matter what you wear.

Be safe!



  1. My hot tip: comfortable shoes, particularly at a concert event. It’s usually dark, so no one can see your feet anyway, and then you can dance your pants (or your slutty Lady Gaga panties-as-pants) off without wanting to cry after the first two songs. Platforms, oddly, can be more comfy than you’d think. Go for bendy soles if you want to jump up and down a lot, at the Wire Faces show especially.

  2. Cool! Love the new blog Dani!

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