Posted by: SpokesBUZZ | November 5, 2010

THE Class of 2011 photo is on its way.

Last week, Darren Mahuron of Summit Studios did a photo shoot for the Class of 2011 SpokesBUZZ Bands out at Lee Martinez park.  He came up with the idea of using a scissor lift to get 30 feet in the air over the bands. 

Driving her in.

This sounded fun but have you been 30 feet in the air on a rickety lift.  Yikes, I was close to losing my lunch.  Well good news was that they didnt need me up on that thing.  I just had to run around on the ground and toss up some peanut M&Ms and water periodically. 

Here are some photos to get you curious about the final shot that we will put out to the press soon.

Doesnt look as high as it is

It really was a pretty fun shoot, the weather was perfect and we were only missing 2 people from 6 bands.  We had scheduled it for Monday but if you remember that was the day that we had winds at 40 mph and it was cold and wet. 

The Bands Gather

JD from Sunstate, the company providing the lift, called and said – ahhh no, not today.  In one day we miraculously rescheduled everyone and it was a favorable change because weather was very pleasant on Friday!
Favorite Part 1:  Throwing Halloween candy around during a break.  The photos after the candy rush were much more animated and I realized that perhaps the first half of the shoot a couple people may have been napping.  When

Take a break from lying down.

Darren and I reviewed the photos, a couple people looked dead in the first few shots and we thought that might be too morbid for the press photo.                   
Favorit part 2:  The opportunity to see Wire Faces, Honey Gitters, Stella Luce, Nu Classics, Fierce Bad Rabbit and Peace Officer lounging in a Fort Collins park, exchanging ideas and sharing this experience.  Its a very cool deal.
We are all excited to see the final shot from Darren.  It marks the first class of SpokesBUZZ since we moved from just a showcase of Fort Collins bands in Austin to a non-profit that is on the front end of a movement in Fort Collins to gain national awareness for our local talent and our incredible arts and culture scene.
Its about quality of life and being able to live where you can thrive as an artist and maintain the atmosphere of a creative community because the creatives are here.

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