Posted by: SpokesBUZZ | November 5, 2010

Torn between two shows.

What do we do when we have multiple shows in our town.  I think it’s a great problem and one I find often here in lovely Fort Collins.  Tonight we have Fierce Bad Rabbit and Nathaniel Rateliffe at Road 34 and Musketeer Gripweed’s CD Release party at Hodis.

I actually mapped it out and have figured I think going to both CAN be done.  I actually was able to get the route by car and by bike which I found really cool, thanks Google. 

Muskateer Gripweed

Musketeer Gipweed, Photo by Darren Mahuron

Musketeer Gripweed is a band that stirs my spirit with their blues bent and the foot stomping REVIVAL show that makes me hoot and holler.  I can’t get enough of the energy that flows from the stage and its a perfect end to my night.

I am a fan of FBR to the core, with the new album Spools of Thread came the notion that this was a band that could be played on KBCO right now.  I can’t wait for the Studio C session that we will surely hear when Chris Anderson mentions Fort Collins and the old glory days of $5 covers and $1PBRs.
Fierce Bad rabbit

Fierce Bad Rabbit, Photo by Darren Mahuron

So both shows are set to start at 9pm but FBR is opening for Nathaniel so if you hit Road 34 first you can still make it to Hodis to see the tail end of MG but you will have to give up the last half of Nathaniel. 

Your covers for both will total $13, that seems crazy cheap to me but its true.  If you can’t imagine the craziness of cross town travel on a Friday night, I get it.  I would like to tell you I have a choice to suggest but I am going to set my alarm on my Blackberry and do the trek, its training for FoCoMX.

See you here or there tonight.  Cheers.

Dani of SpokesBUZZ



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  2. Just came from First Friday at The Gallery Underground (Darren’s studio) where artists and art lovers alike are all trying to figure out what show to go see next. Fierce Bad Rabbit or Musketeer Gripweed? I assured them either choice was a good one, but I bet some of the bold ones will see both! The energy is awesome out on the town tonight. I heart Fort Collins art and music.

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