Posted by: SpokesBUZZ | November 19, 2010

Budgets to Ignore

I have spent countless hours working on budgets, home budgets and business budgets. I think they stink, its all negative, no freedom or impulsivity is allowed. Even the colors that excel defaults for negative is red, which makes me angry.

So when I’m out fundraising some have said, don’t worry about the money, it willl come. Just do the right things and work hard, it will be there. Thats why we are printing t-shirts and a huge poster size photo of the bands because I think its all going to work out. I am a positive person and budgets and financials are too restrictive and I prefer green positive energy. Yeehaw.

There is a free show coming up that fits my budget quite nicely. Wire Faces is opening up for Mini Mansions at Road 34 on December 5th, yes, I said free show.

Mini Mansions

So I am pretty stoked, the vocalist is the Bass player from Queens of the Stone Age and I have checked out the site and its pretty trippy.  There is a video I don’t quite understand but I am open to interpretation.

Any way, our friends Wire Faces have vouched that this will be a very cool show and that goes far for me.  So I will spend nothing and lessen the weekend’s  impact to my budget besides the vodka sodas and get to see live music which makes me forget about my finances.
Dani Grant of SpokesBUZZ

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