Posted by: SpokesBUZZ | December 1, 2010

There is always Sunshine available…

I have found that nothing drives me harder than Event Anxiety.  I create these events and in the planning process it all sounds so fun and exciting and I think everyone will want to come to this cool event.  The confidence is outstanding and the ideas flow and once it is set in motion, the location is reserved the marketing is done, the inevitable anxiety starts to rise up slowly from my gut.

Tuesday December 14th 6pm at Hodis

On December 14th at Hodi”s we are throwing the SpokesBUZZ Band Together CD Release party.  We have smokin hot dancers from High Performance Dance Theatre on the bill and Stella Luce, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Wire Faces, Peace Officer, The Nu Classics and Honey Gitters will all be there playing their tracks from the CD.  Hopefully with a bunch of friends and fans to come enjoy the free New Belgium beer and the performances. 

We plan to give an overview of the organization and premiere the SpokesBUZZ promotion video created by Tacy Gaede of famed Tic Tac Productions in San Francisco.  Tacy is flying in – more anxiety – to see the crowds.

Tacy Producing the SpokesBUZZ Video

I try to come up with ways to diminish this fear and anxiety that inevitably grows when promoting events with out much success.  Ultimately that horrible experience memory creeps up.  Jeffrey Swagger and I did an expensive outdoor concert at Chipper’s Lanes a couple years ago.  Head For The Hills was headlining, it was full festival style 6 bands on a huge mobile stage from Shaped Music and the sound system was a completely sick set up.  The day came and the clouds rolled in, big thick black ones.  Well, it rained and poured and was about 40 degrees out in the middle of June.  Jeffrey and I were sitting in the office, sulking, contemplating sending employees out on the corner with a banner.  The good news was it sounded so great.  When the train came by you could not even hear the horn blowing.  In fact the 10th guests of 35 were the cops coming to see what the noise was all about and to report neighborhood complaints.  They didn’t buy any tickets just threatened to give me a noise violation unless we turned it down.  So we did. 
Then a friend called who was driving in from Denver.  Elyana, my trusted side kick and most devout volunteer and her family were coming, rain and all.  She asked me what I needed, I replied, “Sunshine”.  She said you got it, I’m on my way!  She arrived 30 minutes later,  busting past my protesting bar manager with a 6 pack of New Belgium Sunshine.   I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants and from then on, we danced in the rain and drank our Sunshine.
So I always try to remember, whatever happens, there is always Sunshine available, but I have a feeling this party will be packed, I think, well I hope. 
Dani of SpokesBUZZ


  1. Dani,

    You are my sunshine. Sending you well wishes and great vibes from San Francisco. When I put my headphones on and I start groovin, my head starts bouncin, a smile appears, its all connected to your efforts. Keep plugging away! I love knowing your to my east on the same latitude.

  2. Dani!!!
    I’m SO glad to be your neice. You are doing amazing things with Fort Collins, and I know it is going to pay off. I know I’m proud of you and everything you do. Great job!!!

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