Posted by: dustinhoover | March 2, 2011

Meet the Band: Stella Luce

As we draw nearer to our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins SXSW Showcase, we’ll be spotlighting our Class of 2011 bands, so you can get to know them a little better. Enjoy! 
Stella Luce

Genre: Experimental/Indie Folk-Rock

Gypsy-inspired Stella Luce has formed into a sound that is both familiar and experimental. The hook based music has a smoldering seductive quality that combines Eastern European scales, classically influenced string arrangements, with a passionate rock sound.

Band Members
Alana Rolfe – vocals, viola
Brett Schreiber – bass
Adam Pitner – drums
Christi Mikles – saw

Formed in the summer of 2008 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Stella Luce finds themselves poised at a crossroads where Eastern European folk music collides with American indie rock. The classically trained violist Alana Rolfe, leads the band’s sound with her sultry, seductive voice and hauntingly beautiful string arrangements. Brett Schreiber adds his uniquely melodic flare to the low end with the bass.  Adam Pitner provides the rock edge with his drumming and Christi Mikles creates an eerie quality to the arrangements with her singing saw. Together, these influences create a sound that is often hard to describe, but even more difficult to forget. The group is comprised of Colorado musicians that also make up Fierce Bad Rabbit, Pep*Squad, Trash Cannon and Flashbulb Fires. Stella Luce released their debut album, Zugunruhe, in 2009, touring the United Kingdom and Midwestern America. Their second release, Entropy, was released in September of 2010.

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