Posted by: dustinhoover | March 8, 2011

Meet the Band: The Honey Gitters

As we draw nearer to our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins SXSW Showcase, we’ll be spotlighting our Class of 2011 bands, so you can get to know them a little better. Enjoy!

The Honey Gitters  

Genre:  Pop/Rock/Americana

This eccentric quartet is not your ordinary bluegrass rock band. With shades of early Americana fused with electric new-grass, The Honey Gitters astound and confound audiences with their sound, featuring an electric banjo and a high energy yet unpretentious and fun stage presence. 

Band Members
Greg Simms-Guitar, Vocals
Michael Acosta-Bass
Leland Leyba-Drums
Josh Beard-Banjo, Vocals

The Honey Gitters is a Colorado Based Band with the following members in their line-up: Leland Leyba on drums, Micheal Acosta on Bass, Josh Beard on Banjo and Vocals and Greg Simms on Guitar and Vocals. Their music is classified as Pop/Rock/Americana, but the banjo adds a twist of twang to the movement. Honey Gitters original song writing can be classified as Americana with timeless character sketches and pearls of wisdom that could easily belong in Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richards Almanac.” On the other hand, it takes only a flip of a switch for the Gitters to barrel down a Rock-n-Roll Avenue with tasty licks over a driving rhythm section. Appropriate for all ages and many genres.

Look and Listen





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