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Meet the Band: Fierce Bad Rabbit

As we draw nearer to our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins SXSW Showcase, we’ll be spotlighting our Class of 2011 bands, so you can get to know them a little better. Enjoy!

Fierce Bad Rabbit

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock

Named after the beloved Beatrix Potter children’s book, Fierce Bad Rabbit has combined the musical talents of four veteran Fort Collins musicians to create an indie rock quartet.  Brining fans and inspiration from their past bands, the quartet has made waves in the Fort Collins music scene.

Band Members
Chris Anderson-vocals, guitar, piano
Alana Rolfe-viola, vocals
Dayton Hicks-bass
Adam Pitner-drums, percussion

When Fierce Bad Rabbit formed in 2009, regional media called them a “supergroup.” The standout talent of each member of the band was already well established in Northern Colorado.  The members of Fierce Bad Rabbit were magnetically drawn together to create indie pop music with a hook and a heart.  Fierce Bad Rabbit found regional success nearly immediately after coming together. Songwriting came natural, and the band soon released a self-titled EP that had airplay before it hit the streets. They were voted “Best Indie Rock” by peers in the Fort Collins Musicians Association, andWestword nominated the band for “Best Indie Pop.” They performed at the 2010 South by Southwest in Austin, received featured airplay on stations throughout the region, and were selected for the inaugural class of SpokesBUZZ.  The band just wrapped up a tour of the southwest and west coast following the release of their second album, Spools of Thread, in October 2010.

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Meet the Band: Wire Faces

As we draw nearer to our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins SXSW Showcase, we’ll be spotlighting our Class of 2011 bands, so you can get to know them a little better. Enjoy!
Wire Faces
Genre: Rock/Experimental

Wire Faces released their unapologetic throwback to dance on the masses and have become one of the most talked-about bands in the Colorado scene.

Ian Haygood and Shane Zweygardt, of Jimi Austin fame, team up with legendary bass player Menyus Borocz to create a retro power-rock trio brimming with indie coolness, big drum beats, and intricate melodies. The group put their all into their shows and audiences would have it no other way, as they fill each venue to capacity with throngs of fans who come prepared to dance the night away. The group released their self-titled debut album in 2010 and was voted “Best Rock Band” at 2010 FoCoMA Awards. Just recently, Wire Faces released their EP “Diamonds & Gold” and is all set to perform at SpokesBUZZ’s SXSW Showcase.

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Meet the Band: The Honey Gitters

As we draw nearer to our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins SXSW Showcase, we’ll be spotlighting our Class of 2011 bands, so you can get to know them a little better. Enjoy!

The Honey Gitters  

Genre:  Pop/Rock/Americana

This eccentric quartet is not your ordinary bluegrass rock band. With shades of early Americana fused with electric new-grass, The Honey Gitters astound and confound audiences with their sound, featuring an electric banjo and a high energy yet unpretentious and fun stage presence. 

Band Members
Greg Simms-Guitar, Vocals
Michael Acosta-Bass
Leland Leyba-Drums
Josh Beard-Banjo, Vocals

The Honey Gitters is a Colorado Based Band with the following members in their line-up: Leland Leyba on drums, Micheal Acosta on Bass, Josh Beard on Banjo and Vocals and Greg Simms on Guitar and Vocals. Their music is classified as Pop/Rock/Americana, but the banjo adds a twist of twang to the movement. Honey Gitters original song writing can be classified as Americana with timeless character sketches and pearls of wisdom that could easily belong in Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richards Almanac.” On the other hand, it takes only a flip of a switch for the Gitters to barrel down a Rock-n-Roll Avenue with tasty licks over a driving rhythm section. Appropriate for all ages and many genres.

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Meet the Band: Stella Luce

As we draw nearer to our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins SXSW Showcase, we’ll be spotlighting our Class of 2011 bands, so you can get to know them a little better. Enjoy! 
Stella Luce

Genre: Experimental/Indie Folk-Rock

Gypsy-inspired Stella Luce has formed into a sound that is both familiar and experimental. The hook based music has a smoldering seductive quality that combines Eastern European scales, classically influenced string arrangements, with a passionate rock sound.

Band Members
Alana Rolfe – vocals, viola
Brett Schreiber – bass
Adam Pitner – drums
Christi Mikles – saw

Formed in the summer of 2008 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Stella Luce finds themselves poised at a crossroads where Eastern European folk music collides with American indie rock. The classically trained violist Alana Rolfe, leads the band’s sound with her sultry, seductive voice and hauntingly beautiful string arrangements. Brett Schreiber adds his uniquely melodic flare to the low end with the bass.  Adam Pitner provides the rock edge with his drumming and Christi Mikles creates an eerie quality to the arrangements with her singing saw. Together, these influences create a sound that is often hard to describe, but even more difficult to forget. The group is comprised of Colorado musicians that also make up Fierce Bad Rabbit, Pep*Squad, Trash Cannon and Flashbulb Fires. Stella Luce released their debut album, Zugunruhe, in 2009, touring the United Kingdom and Midwestern America. Their second release, Entropy, was released in September of 2010.

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Meet the Band: Peace Officer

As we draw nearer to our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins SXSW Showcase, we’ll be spotlighting our Class of 2011 bands, so you can get to know them a little better. Enjoy!
SpokesBUZZ Band Peace Officer
Peace Officer

Genre: Hip-Hop/Reggae/Dub

Peace Officer is a live band hip-hop crew from Fort Collins, playing their own brand of socially conscious dub-oriented music. Using the heavy drum and bass groove as their vehicle, Peace Officer’s emcees strive to entertain and educate with tales of life, struggle, passion and politics.

Band Members

A-K: Vocab., Guitar
Jahred: Vocals, Keys, Acoustic Guitar
The Brain: Bass, Vocals
Senoj Nerol: Drums
Wiled Wombat: Vocab.
Patois: Vocab., Tables
Shaneye: Vocab.

The current lineup has been working on their craft since fall of 2007, honing a sound they like to call “Dub-Hop” – hip-hop lyrics and consciousness with live, dub-inspired beats.  Peace Officer’s energetic live shows and innovative recordings have earned them several awards over the last two years including FoCoMx Peer Award for Best in Genre in 2009 and 2010, Best Band in Colorado in Colorado Music Buzz’s Bandwagon competition, and a nomination for Best Hip-Hop Band in Denver by Westword.

Peace Officer spent the fall of 2009 tracking for the “Contraband” LP, following the release of their critically acclaimed first album, “Insurgency”.  Produced by AK and engineered by Kris Smith (Dropkick Murphys), the album encompasses a host of new instrumentation as it heads into uncharted waters.  “Contraband” pulls industrial and punk influences into the haunting dub-hop beats that Peace Officer’s fans have grown to expect–promising yet another sonic revolution in the fusion of hip-hop and dub.  Peace Officer is currently working on their third LP and recently released “Recon”, a series of remixes that spawned from the “Contraband” sessions.

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Meet the Band: The Nu Classics

As we draw nearer to our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins SXSW Showcase, we’ll be spotlighting our Class of 2011 bands, so you can get to know them a little better. Enjoy!
SpokesBUZZ Band: The Nu Classics

The Nu Classics

Genre: Funk/Neo-Soul

Drawing from classic funk and R&B while infusing the styles of modern hip hop and neo-soul, The Nu Classics embody a musical spirit similar to that of their namesake. With intelligent arrangements accompanied by sultry vocals, their dynamic versatility creates a smooth and sexy sound. The Nu Classics bring a fresh twist to a traditional formula that will hit you like Déjà Vu.

Band Members
Eric Imbrosciano: Drums
Walter Hannah: Organ and Bass Keys
Devon Parker: Vocals

The project first got together as an instrumental duo in the fall of 2008, with Devon joining the group in July 2009. Eric previously toured the east coast with well-known bands such as Peter Prince & Moon Boot Lover, The Sam Kininger Band, Lynch and others. Walter has played with some of Northern Colorado’s best musical talent in groups such as The Grippe, Juno What?!, and Euforquestra. This project is Devon’s debut as lead vocalist, but she formerly sang backup vocals for the reggae/ska band The Ten Timers.

The Nu Classics list John Scofield, Herbie Hancock, and Erykah Badu as notable influences and have shared the stage with George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars, The Motet, and many others.

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SXSW – Here We Come!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and at SpokesBUZZ, this has certainly been the case. So much so that we haven’t been great at pausing to blog. Whoopsie!  Last time we checked in, we were getting ready for our official CD release party for SpokesBUZZ Vol. I: Band Together (if you’re in Fort Collins, stop by Mugs Coffee Lounge and pick up a copy; they have an awesome local music rack at their location at the Oval. Suck it, corporate coffee conglomerate!) The CD release party was amazing and the Fort Collins community came out to have their socks rocked by all six SpokesBUZZ bands. The line was out the door at Hodi’s on a school night, and it felt like magic, ‘cuz it was. Take a break to get goosebumps all over again here.

Fast forward to February 2011, and we’re getting ready for our SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins showcase at SXSW. That happens in exactly four short weeks, on March 18th in Austin. We wish all y’all (we’re practicing our Texan) could be there, but barring that, we thought we might zoom out from the trees and enjoy the forest view with you for just a moment. Here’s what’s going down in Austin in March:

  • SXSW (South by Southwest) is a conference/festival extravaganza featuring technology, film, and music. Approximately 36,000 people participated in SXSW 2010, injecting millions of dollars into the Austin economy and drawing international attendance and attention.
  • The music festival affords bands an opportunity to strut their stuff in front of music industry bigwigs, members of the media, conference and trade show attendees, and fans, fans, fans from all around the world.
  • SpokesBUZZ is hosting a Fort Collins music showcase smack dab in the middle of it all on 6th St. in Austin. Lured by all the elements that make Fort Collins fabulous (including free New Belgium beer and Coyote Gold margaritas), we’ll treat festival-goers to a full day of Fort Collins music at The 512 Bar, with performances by our SpokesBUZZ Class of 2011 bands on the main stage upstairs. Mentoring band Head for the Hills gets the party started at 11:00 a.m.
  • We’ll also host an “experimental stage” downstairs, with additional appearances by various SpokesBUZZ musicians, including supporting bands Musketeer Gripweed and Constitution. Other Colorado favs will drop by to play throughout the day, including The Heyday, Lindsey O’Brien and Danielle Ate the Sandwich.
  • We’re bringing other Fort Collins partners with us, including Darren Mahuron of Summit Studios (he’s staging a rock art exhibit at the venue) and our good green pals from ZeroHero. Fort Collins Bikes and Panda Bicycles will be representin’, too.
  • Board members, volunteers, and friends from FoCo and around the country will be on hand to support the bands and amplify the buzz.
  • As always, we’ll spread the word about Fort Collins, bringing all sorts of information from, and about, the city we call home. Our sponsors make this all possible, and we couldn’t do any of it without them, so high-five them next time you see them out and about.

So there you have it — we’re heading to Texas in one short month to meet up with the world and show them how Fort Collins rocks. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we count down the days and share more information about the incredible musicians that we’re so proud to support. Feel free to chime in and tell us more about the bands you love, or just wish us well as we get ready to hit the road!

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There is always Sunshine available…

I have found that nothing drives me harder than Event Anxiety.  I create these events and in the planning process it all sounds so fun and exciting and I think everyone will want to come to this cool event.  The confidence is outstanding and the ideas flow and once it is set in motion, the location is reserved the marketing is done, the inevitable anxiety starts to rise up slowly from my gut.

Tuesday December 14th 6pm at Hodis

On December 14th at Hodi”s we are throwing the SpokesBUZZ Band Together CD Release party.  We have smokin hot dancers from High Performance Dance Theatre on the bill and Stella Luce, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Wire Faces, Peace Officer, The Nu Classics and Honey Gitters will all be there playing their tracks from the CD.  Hopefully with a bunch of friends and fans to come enjoy the free New Belgium beer and the performances. 

We plan to give an overview of the organization and premiere the SpokesBUZZ promotion video created by Tacy Gaede of famed Tic Tac Productions in San Francisco.  Tacy is flying in – more anxiety – to see the crowds.

Tacy Producing the SpokesBUZZ Video

I try to come up with ways to diminish this fear and anxiety that inevitably grows when promoting events with out much success.  Ultimately that horrible experience memory creeps up.  Jeffrey Swagger and I did an expensive outdoor concert at Chipper’s Lanes a couple years ago.  Head For The Hills was headlining, it was full festival style 6 bands on a huge mobile stage from Shaped Music and the sound system was a completely sick set up.  The day came and the clouds rolled in, big thick black ones.  Well, it rained and poured and was about 40 degrees out in the middle of June.  Jeffrey and I were sitting in the office, sulking, contemplating sending employees out on the corner with a banner.  The good news was it sounded so great.  When the train came by you could not even hear the horn blowing.  In fact the 10th guests of 35 were the cops coming to see what the noise was all about and to report neighborhood complaints.  They didn’t buy any tickets just threatened to give me a noise violation unless we turned it down.  So we did. 
Then a friend called who was driving in from Denver.  Elyana, my trusted side kick and most devout volunteer and her family were coming, rain and all.  She asked me what I needed, I replied, “Sunshine”.  She said you got it, I’m on my way!  She arrived 30 minutes later,  busting past my protesting bar manager with a 6 pack of New Belgium Sunshine.   I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants and from then on, we danced in the rain and drank our Sunshine.
So I always try to remember, whatever happens, there is always Sunshine available, but I have a feeling this party will be packed, I think, well I hope. 
Dani of SpokesBUZZ
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Budgets to Ignore

I have spent countless hours working on budgets, home budgets and business budgets. I think they stink, its all negative, no freedom or impulsivity is allowed. Even the colors that excel defaults for negative is red, which makes me angry.

So when I’m out fundraising some have said, don’t worry about the money, it willl come. Just do the right things and work hard, it will be there. Thats why we are printing t-shirts and a huge poster size photo of the bands because I think its all going to work out. I am a positive person and budgets and financials are too restrictive and I prefer green positive energy. Yeehaw.

There is a free show coming up that fits my budget quite nicely. Wire Faces is opening up for Mini Mansions at Road 34 on December 5th, yes, I said free show.

Mini Mansions

So I am pretty stoked, the vocalist is the Bass player from Queens of the Stone Age and I have checked out the site and its pretty trippy.  There is a video I don’t quite understand but I am open to interpretation.

Any way, our friends Wire Faces have vouched that this will be a very cool show and that goes far for me.  So I will spend nothing and lessen the weekend’s  impact to my budget besides the vodka sodas and get to see live music which makes me forget about my finances.
Dani Grant of SpokesBUZZ
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What we need to keep going.

Last week we had a Fierce Bad Rabbit show at Road 34, a Musketeer Gripweed Show at Hodis and Peace Officer did a small tour through Steamboat and Carbondale.  Fierce Bad Rabbit sold out, Musketeer Gripweed had 300 paid covers and low and behold, Peace Officer had a show in Steamboat at The Ghost Ranch Saloon that was packed as well.

AK of Peace Officer

Just when we feel like we might be stuck in the middle of the lake with no wind, the fans come and lift our sails.  Here is a quote from AK of Peace Officer when I asked him about the show.

“We rolled in and found out our show was pretty much the buzz of the town. It ranks as one of the best shows we’ve ever played, with some of the best staff we’ve ever worked with. The place was packed and the crowd was out-of-control hyped up. No one wanted the show to end at bar time!  Can’t wait to go back. ” – AK

Then we got a review from the Westword by Dave Herrera on Musketeer Gripweed that was very favorable.  Feels like we are penetrating the force field.  We  are just getting started ramping up for SXSW so keep a look out.  Here is a video from the Musketeer Gripweed show.  This is Catfish Bait and it is righteous!

Good music and great fans are what we need to keep going.  Thanks Fort Collins.

Dani of SpokesBUZZ

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